Advanced Learning Plans

Identified gifted students in grades K – 8 will have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) written for them. This is in compliance with Colorado House Bill 1244-07 which mandated gifted education in the State of Colorado and required the development of Advanced Learning Plans for all identified gifted students. The ALP will provide documentation of gifted education services in the student’s area(s) of strengths, the student’s yearly growth, and the manner in which the child’s academic, social and emotional needs will be addressed. This establishes a partnership among the gifted student, the classroom teacher, the parent/guardian, and the gifted education representative at the school. In order to have an ALP written, a student must be identified as “gifted” or “highly gifted.” The ALP strength areas and goals are kept in the district’s student database and will be evaluated and updated each year.
The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) will:
  • provide a road map for advanced instruction and learning opportunities in the student’s identified area(s) of strength
  • be created in collaboration with parents/guardians, classroom teachers, and gifted education representatives
  • be an ongoing document, showing programming throughout the school year
  • chart the next level of learning and specific areas of study
  • provide an opportunity to dialogue with teachers about the student’s needs
  • establish guidelines for advanced growth within the parameters of a public school setting
Gifted and talented students have unique personalities coupled with advanced intellectual abilities. Advanced Learning Plans can provide avenues for gifted students to realize their potential and experience success. If there are questions about the ALP or the ALP process, please consult with your child’s teacher or Jeffra Frank, the Slavens GT Coordinator.