Enrichment and Activities

Destination ImagiNation, Inc.®
Destination ImagiNation, Inc. is an international creative problem solving program. Team members prepare for competition at local, state and international tournaments held in the spring. The goals of Destination ImagiNation are to:
  • Foster creative and critical thinking.
  • Learn and apply creative problem solving methods and tools.
  • Develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills.
  • Nurture research and inquiry skills, involving both creative exploration and attention to detail.
  • Enhance and apply written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Promote the recognition, use and development of many and varied strengths and talents.
  • Encourage competence in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to real-life problem solving.

Check out www.extremecreativity.org , http://di.dpsk12.org, or www.idodi.org for more information.

Semantics/Spelling Bee
The DPS Semantics program provides students with training for the DPS Spelling Competitions as well as preparation for the Colorado State Spelling Bee (for qualifying students).

Check out www.dpssemantics.com or www.spellingbee.com for more information.

Volunteer Training: word lists and lesson plans will be provided regularly during the school year. Mrs. Frank will be working with interested students. Parents of participants will be needed to transport students to and from spelling competitions.

DPS Spelling Competitions:

DPS Written Spelling Bee:

DPS Oral Spelling Bee:

Colorado State Spelling Bee:

Shakespeare Festival
The Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival is an annual event celebrating its twenty-sixth year. We are the oldest and largest Shakespeare Festival in the country. The day-long Festival is held in downtown Denver and provides the forum for students to perform sonnets and scenes from the works of Shakespeare as well as demonstrate dance and vocal and instrumental music of Shakespeare's time. The Festival begins with a parade to the performance venues and continues with performances throughout the day on multiple stages.

Optimist Brain Bowl
Central Regional Tournament: Heritage High School
What is it?
Middle School students form teams and demonstrate their knowledge of a variety of subjects such as math, science, history, current events, literature and much more.
It is a one day competition that consists of:
  • Written round in multiple choice format where team members pool their brain power and submit their team’s answers.
  • Up to four head-to-head rounds in which two teams compete to be the first to buzz in and correctly answer questions.
Check out www.optimistbrainbowl.org for more information.
Check out www.greatauk.com for free practice questions. Click on This Week’s Quiz.