District Identification Guidelines:In-Building Gifted Identification Plan

The use of more than one criterion in the identification of gifted/talented pupils is essential. Experts in the field are emphatic in asserting that no one method is capable of identifying all gifted children. On the other hand, the gathering of many kinds of information maximizes the probability that most gifted children will be identified.
Several identification criteria, used in combination, are capable of:
  • providing several assessments of a child from different points of view
  • identifying children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and with a variety of learning styles
  • identifying different kinds of gifts.
Furthermore, Colorado Department of Education rules state: "Any program that involves the participation of gifted and talented children must use comprehensive and multiple methods for identifying and assessing the needs of those children. No child shall be denied participation in a program on the basis of a single criterion."
The Denver Public Schools Gifted and Talented Department requires that each child in the school be assessed for potential giftedness on the basis of at least four criteria. Any pupil, who meets three criteria, including two objective measures, as per the district guidelines, should be considered an identified gifted/talented pupil. Those pupils meeting two criteria should be considered for further screening and evaluation.

Highly Gifted and Talented (HGT) Application/Nomination Process:

The application process for the Highly Gifted Program is managed directly by the Gifted and Talented Department. Parents, teachers, students and or others are welcome to nominate a student for the Highly Gifted Program. Parents must sign the nomination form to indicate their permission for the student to be tested. Applications/nominations must be submitted by the deadline October 4th, 2013.

Once the nomination has been received, the child is put on a list for testing. Testing takes place at the child’s school, for students enrolled in Denver Public Schools. For students applying from a non-DPS school, the testing dates are November 2nd & November 16th at a location to be determined ( a DPS school). Parents must bring their student to the testing location. Students living outside of Denver are charged a fee for testing.

In addition to the nomination and testing, teacher recommendations and achievement data are used as parts of the body of evidence. No one element would prevent a child from being identified.

Results will not be available by phone or email. Letters will be sent out January 7th, 2014.

Please contact Jeffra Frank, Slavens Gifted and Talented Coordinator, if you have any questions. jeffra_frank@dpsk12.org