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Grammar Girl! Check it out!
Young Authors' Celebration:
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Why aren’t trees blue and bushes red?
and people yellow?
Why aren’t dinosaurs still alive?
Why isn’t grass red?
I have so many questions for you.
By Joe
4th Grader

Summer Writing Opportunities:
Check out Summer at Stanley!"Write Around Denver" camp. Offered multiple weeks

Young Writers CampGrades 5-8University of Colorado Denver and The Denver Writing Project

Very cool websites to check out:Story Elves
andStory Starters
Lighthouse Writers WorkshopGreat workshops and classes for those who love to write!

Writing Prompts:What I like to do on weekends.Something I can do now that I couldn't do last year.How I helped someoneSomething I am proud ofWhat my bedroom looks likeWhat I wish my bedroom looked likeSomeone in my family that I really likeSomewhere I would like to go with my familyA sport I like to watchA sport I like to playA time I got into troubleHow I would change the world to make it betterWhat I do when I'm angryHow I would spend $1,000A time I was embarrassedA time my feelings were hurtWhat I would be doing right now if I could do anything I wantedWhat I think about when I can't fall asleep

Below is a link to a website with writing prompts.Writing Prompts