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Elementary School:

Everyday Math Online Resources & Games
Sheppard Software Academic Games

Math Fun!

Middle School:
Middle School Connected Math

Interesting and Helpful Web Sites

  • A+ Math (kindergarten–grade 8)—Games for kids and practice skills
  • AAA Math (kindergarten–grade 8)—Games and practice
  • Connected Mathematics (grades 6–8)—Resource center for Connected Mathematics
  • Connected Mathematics 2 (grades 6–8)—Site maintained by Pearson for parents, students, and teachers that includes homework help, skills practice, math online games, and vocabulary quizzes
  •—Math-related games
  • (kindergarten–grade 8)—Free programs for students
  • Figure This! (grades 6–8)—Offers fun challenges for the thinking mathematics student
  • (kindergarten–grade 9)—From Family Education Network, this site features many great mathematics games, including the all-American favorite, Multiplication Baseball!
  • (kindergarten–grade 8)—Mathematics sites
  • Math League and Math Counts (grades 4–12)—Mathematics contest information